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Packaging Information

Packaging Information


Consider Content, Size and Weight while choosing the Packaging materials.

It is very important that the goods are packed well and secured with suitable packing materials so that the contents are not damaged during transit and handling.

Cardboard Boxes are the most commonly used and suitable way to pack your shipment because of the range of sizes, shapes, materials and accessories available to strengthen and secure them.

Please choose the box of right size and strength and ensure that the maximum weight of a single piece is 30 Kilos. The maximum size of the box should be 120 x 80 x 80 cms.

Please keep in mind that Under-filled boxes may collapse and the contents may get damaged – hence put additional packing materials so that the contents does not move within the box. In case of multiple items, wrap individual items before they are put into the box.

Also, Overloaded boxes may burst. Do not exceed the weight specification of the shipment container and overload the box.

Heavy-duty double-layered cardboard boxes or wooden boxes are suitable for heavier items like machines / machine parts.


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