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Prohibited Items


The following items will not be accepted for carriage by First Flight. This list is not exclusive

but includes items which are prohibited by law, regulation or statue,   For International carriage,

there may be additional prohibited items specified by the country of destination.  First Flight or

its Agents may at its sole discretion refuse to carry other items which are not listed below. 


(a)  Antiques, works of Art and fine art with an individual value in excess of £ 1000.00

(b)  Bullion,  Cash and Travellers Cheques.

(c)  Clinical and / or biological samples (including bodily fluids and tissues), body parts.

(d)  Firearms, Firearm parts, ammunition Explosives and explosive devises.

(e)  Dangerous / hazardours goods including Perfumes, Aftershaves, aerosols, flammable

      substances, dry ice, biological substances and other items classified as dangerous under

      IATA, ADR and IMDG regulations.

(f)  Electronic cigarettes,  Furs, Fragile Items,  Human remains and ashes.

(g) Jewellery, custom jewellery, watches, precious metals like gold, silver and stones.

(h) Lithuam batteries, hazardous substances and radioactive materials.

(i)  Live animals in any form

(j)  Pornography materials   ( whether in printed, video or digital format)

(k) Tobacco and tobacco products, in any form.

(l)  Ivory, illegal goods which includes counterfiet goods, narcotics and drugs.

(m) Meat, fish,  and meat / fish products

(n) Liquid Items, and any other restricted items which are dangerous to transport and store.


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