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Service Updates


(a)  All shipments received into India now require KYC (Know Your Client) documents, containing Government recognized

      Identity and address proof, to be presented to Customs during shipment clearance. Absence of these documents will

      mean clearance delay while shipments go into Customs Bond till KYC documents are provided by Consginee.  For

      the above reason, clearance of non-documents into India will depend on the response given by the consignee.  It

      is also important to mention the contact no. and e-mail address of the consignee.

(b)  Dutiable / non-document shipments, that have been wrongly declared as Documents may be subject to Customs

      imposed fines and penalties for the mis-declaration.

(c)  The maximum allowable consignment weight for an Express service to India is  70 Kilos.

(d)  Consignments that remain uncleared after 3 days are subject to Storage Charge 



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