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Frequently Asked Questions


1.   Can I ship packets to any country ? 

        You can send shipments to most of the countries.  However, there are certain countries to which

        service is currently suspended or restricted due to war or internal conflicts. Please do contact us

        in case of doubt.


2.   How do I get a quote ?

       Rates are calculated based on the Weight, Dimensions (in centimetres) and Collection and Delivery

       locations. You can get the rates through our website or by contacting us on 0203 657 2280 or

       email: cs@firstflightuk.com


3.   What is Chargeable Weight ?

       Chargeable weight is the higher of Actual weight or the Volumetric Weight. Volumetric Weight is calculated

       by multiplying the 3 dimensions i.e.   Height (in cms) x  Width (in cms) x Length (in cms)  divided by 5000

       (for Air Courier mode)


4.   What is the maximum weight and Dimensions allowed ?

        You can send any weight.  However, through Courier mode, the maximum weight allowed per piece / box

        should not exceed 30 Kilos. The maximum dimensions of the box should not exceed  120 x 80 x 80 cms. 

       In case of parcels of higher Weight or Dimensions, we can ship the same through different modes.  

        Please contact our office for quote.


5.   Can the shipments be tracked ?

        Yes, all the shipments sent through First Flight can be tracked on line.


6.   Can shipments be sent to Remote locations ?

        We do not normally deliver to Remote locations and small villages.  However, certain areas are covered by

        local Postal Dept or third party couriers at extra Surcharge.   Please do contact us to check the availability

        of service and the Surcharge.


7.   Can shipments be collected from my home or office ?

        Yes, we can get the shipments collected from your home or office address. Depending on the collection                                                                                                                     

        post code, there could be an extra collection charge.



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