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Packaging Information


The information given below is for guidance only and First Flight Courier & Cargo Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage as a consequence of the information provided.  It is the responsibility of the person sending the parcel to make sure that the items are securely packed.  


Always consider Content, Size and Weight while choosing the Packaging materials.


(a) Choose the right packaging for your items -  Cardboard boxes are the most commonly used and suitable way to pack your shipment because of the wide range of sizes, shapes, materials and accessories available to strengthen and secure them.

(b)  Choose the size of the package according to its content, weight and shape.  Under-filled boxes are likely to collapse and the over-filled boxes may burst open during transit.

(c) Consider strength, cushioning and durability when selecting wrapping supplies.

(d) Fill all spaces in your package with suitable filler like polystyrene chips or shredded paper.

(e) Make sure that the labels are clearly displayed and securely attached and any old labels are removed, as couriers use scanners to read labels.

(f)  Use strong tape to seal and secure your box.

(g)  In case you are sending any fragile or delicate items, pack each item individually, place on a bed of cushioning, put cushioning all around the sides and place in the centre of your package to minimise any risk of damage.

(h)  Make sure that you are not sending any banned or restricted items.  Couriers are not allowed to send any items.  In case of any doubt, please do contact us before packing them.

(i) Please choose the box of right size and strength and ensure that the maximum weight of a single piece is less than 30 Kilos.  The maximum size of the box should be 120 x 80 x 80 cms.




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